Monday, September 01, 2008

EFCA Fact Sheet

The EFCA has posted what they're doing to respond to Gustav here. Text below:

Hurricane Gustav Response Fact Sheet – 8/31/08 Edition

1) Yes, we are responding.

· EFCA TouchGlobal Crisis Response Team has evacuated to Pensacola and will be making an initial reconnaissance on Tuesday 9/2. Our current plan is to be ready to start receiving volunteers on Thursday 9/4 at Trinity Church in Covington, LA… assuming it is still there.

· For up to date info go to

2) How can I help? Please organize a team and come!!!

a. We will be using the same process (and for now, forms and paperwork and costs etc. ) as we have been using for Katrina Relief Teams.

b. Go to ,

c. Find the link for pdf Team application

d. Complete and fax application to 985-893-0175 AND!! Email

e. We will charge a reduced fee of $120 per person per week for teams arriving in September.

· Churches or individuals who are organizing teams should email Katie Hooks at


3) What kinds of needs do we have – prioritized.

· We need MONEY

· We have a needs list started at

See contact info below for more info.

We can arrange for delivery of pallet loads of gift-in-kind from most areas in

the East and Midwest

4) Where can I get more info?

· and

5) How can I give?

· Give to TG ‘Hurricane Account’ 21709-3969. Go to and click on giving link on right.

6) Can we give stuff…not just money?

· We are not accepting clothing or shoes!!!!

· See contacts below!

· We will update needs list at least weekly, maybe daily.

7) Who should I contact … about?

· Until we get our office reestablished in Covington – use the cell phones listed. After the office is reestablished, use 985-893-0218 :

a. Volunteer Teams – Katie Hooks 704-305-3427

b. $$ Donations – Dorinda Bogran 985-705-2416

c. Serving as a part of our staff -

d. Donating Supplies/Equipment/ Gift-in-kind – and 610-883-1150

e.General Response Quest. - Mark Lewis 717-439-3138

EFCA Blog Updates

Mark Lewis, with whom we've worked a Trinity in Covington, LA, sent us an email letting us know about this blog where EFCA is posting updates.