Saturday, October 22, 2005

KatrinaZone Team III Log and Pics

KatrinaZone Team III served in the Zone during the week ending Saturday 15 October in the area around Covington, LA, the location of Trinity Church, our sister church with whom we are partnering in reaching out to those effected by Hurricane Katrina. The team returned with a lot of great stories and pictures.

Ron Warrenfeltz put together a very interesting and detailed log that's great reading and a slideshow of the trip that's now available online. You'll get more out of the pics if you peruse the log first.

KatrinaZone Team III was
  • Tim Hardman (team leader)
  • Shirley Highfill
  • Leslie Mansfield
  • Ron Warrenfeltz
  • Claudia Cortes
  • Jessica Alston
  • Ben Alston
  • David Hull (from Forcey Memorial Church where Michael Sprague served for many years before serving Trinity)
  • Sam Barrow (from Forcey)
  • Chris Hart (from Forcey)

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