Sunday, January 28, 2007

Introduction to John Linder

Hi all!

I wanted to introduce all of you to someone who will be live blogging during his participation in the February KatrinaGrace Team Trip to Louisiana. His name is John Lindner and he's Bonnie's husband who's on staff. John has attended Grace for about seven years. John also intends to produce Katrina podcasts for the Baltimore Sun and Grace. Ironically, the first time John visited New Orleans he also stayed for a week and slept in a sleeping bag!

He's already begun live blogging this team's pre-trip activities! More to come.

Stephen Shields

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Katrina volunteers has a story on Katrina volunteers.
The article features Habitat volunteers. One woman, an Americorps volunteer, was sent to N.O. for a month and decided to stay for a year:

Maybe the realization came when she was rebuilding houses with Habitat for Humanity and a group of musician homeowners pulled out their instruments and began to play. "I started bawling," Steinman says. "I was just overwhelmed."

Thanks to Bryan McAnally of Spare Change for the tip on this story.

Team XI

Hey, turns out the names enumerated in the previous post have a number: XI
I'm assuming that's a number, Roman numeral, as in Super Bowl XLI.
XI. Hmmmm. Do we like that number? Do we have a choice?
We're going to be sleeping on the floor here. I think we should at least like our number.
Maybe it will grow on us.
Actually, if you pronounce it Team Ecks One that sounds pretty good. Pretty can-do. X-One.
Guys, our team sounds like a rocket.

Note to Katrina Grace Team X-One members: If you want to contribute to this blog before, during, and/or after our trip, email your submission to my gmail account and I'll cut out the whiney bits and post it forthwith. If you want me to cease posting ... tough.

Feb Katrina Grace team

Here are the names of the team members headed to Louisiana feb. 4:

Stephanie Schleicher (team leader) (RN)
Rick Schleicher
Bonnie Lindner
John Lindner
Marv Garlick
Dolores Garlick
Doug Flather
Cynthia Garber
David Wilson
Meg Dawes
Dan Dawes
Laura Mooty
Paul Mooty