Tuesday, October 04, 2005

KatrinaZone Team III

Announcing the final roster for KatrinaZone Team III and a request for your assistance.

First of all, the request:

Please email Beth Shields if you can do either of the following
  • take 4 people to Dulles Airport on Monday 10 October very, very, very, very early.
  • pick up some folks at Dulles Airport in VA on Sat 15 October around 10:45 PM.
This is a great way to serve the folks in the KatrinaZone if you can't go to LA. If we need to, we'll pay for shuttles, but we'd rather use that money in other ways.

And now about our team:

We now have a full contingent of folks for KatrinaGrace's third Team to visit Trinity Church in Covington, LA. Michael Sprague - Trinity's Pastor - called us today and is so excited because three members of our team who go to Forcey Memorial Church in Silver Spring, MD (where Michael used to pastor) are friends of his. Here's the complete list:
  • Tim Hardman (team leader)
  • Shirley Highfill
  • Leslie Mansfield
  • Ron Warrenfeltz
  • Claudia Cortes
  • Jessica Alston
  • Ben Alston
  • David Hull
  • Sam Barrow
  • Chris Hart
As of today, Trinity is letting us know that our team will likely be tearing out drywall, cutting trees, and cleaning up debris - thought the situation on the ground is highly fluid and could be changing. We are urging Team Members to visit the Evangelical Free's Crisis Response Team Preparation page to orient themselves to the trip (Trinity is an Evangelical Free church).

Please be in prayer for our team members!

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