Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Katrina Survivor's Tragedy

Mark lives in a FEMA trailer in Slidell and was helped by Trinity and Compassion with some work on his house in October of last year. He's still waiting for an electrician to become available to finish work on his house so that he can move back in. A tragic accident 6 years ago when he was a paramedic has left Mark barely able to walk.

The day after the storm, Mark was slapped in the face by a tree branch which did extensive damage to his teeth. But dentists are telling him that FEMA hasn't been paying them and so they're not taking FEMA patients.

Members of the KatrinaGrace Team VI were able to visit him while we were in Louisiania in June.

We've been able to connect Mark with a dentist, Dr. Shannon Allison, who attends Trinity Church. He's graciously agreed to take a look at Mark's teeth and to see what he can do.

When we were contacting Mark about this tonight, we learned that about two weeks ago Mark's 15 year old son was tragically killed in a car accident while riding with a non-licensed 16 year old. We contacted Trinity and they've agreed to send someone out to visit Mark next week. Mark is divorced from the boy's mom and they also have a 17 year old son.

Please pray for them.

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying for Mark. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

Steve K.