Saturday, January 27, 2007

Team XI

Hey, turns out the names enumerated in the previous post have a number: XI
I'm assuming that's a number, Roman numeral, as in Super Bowl XLI.
XI. Hmmmm. Do we like that number? Do we have a choice?
We're going to be sleeping on the floor here. I think we should at least like our number.
Maybe it will grow on us.
Actually, if you pronounce it Team Ecks One that sounds pretty good. Pretty can-do. X-One.
Guys, our team sounds like a rocket.

Note to Katrina Grace Team X-One members: If you want to contribute to this blog before, during, and/or after our trip, email your submission to my gmail account and I'll cut out the whiney bits and post it forthwith. If you want me to cease posting ... tough.


Lauren said...

Actually, wouldn't the Grace team that went down in January (of which I was a member of) be Team XI?

Stephen said...

Hi lauren,

Yes, I am catching up documenting the teams and not all are represented on this blog, so it might lead some to not number them correctly. I'll catch up the blog soon and we'll get the numbering right!