Saturday, March 11, 2006

Updated KatrinaZone Team Plans for 2006

updated on Sunday 2 April 2006

Here's where we are on 2006 Trips

If you have a group that would like to volunteer separately from any of these planned trips, please email Stephen at
  • KatrinaGrace Team V

    • Leave on Sun 16 Apr & Return on Sat 22 Apr
    • Cooking for 60-80 people Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM
    • Update: This Team is Now Filled
    • Team Consists of:
      • Peggy Westland - Team Leader
      • Peggy Wortman
      • Len Thompson
      • Bill Tagalicod
      • Lynne King
      • Steven Lilly
      • Odin Worthman

  • The Biloxi Team (NEW TRIP)

    • Work Team
    • Bay Vista Baptist Church - Biloxi, MS
    • Randy (Gadget) and Nicole Ambuel are the Team Leaders
    • Leave Easter Weekend, Return the Following Weekend

  • KatrinaGrace Team VI

    • Trinity Church - Covington, LA
    • Stephen Shields will lead this team.
    • Leave Sun 28 May and Return on Saturday 3 June
    • Trinity has reached out to 4,600 folks who could use some "so how's it going?" followup. This will involve those who are good listeners and an empathetic ear. This would be a good trip for those who are, as Trinity's Volunteer Coordinator says, "mercy-focused."

  • KatrinaGrace Team VII

    • A Work Team
    • Trinity Church - Covington, LA
    • Date Change: Sunday, July 2 - Saturday, July 8th

  • KatrinaGrace Team VIII

    • Work Team
    • Trinity Church - Covington, LA
    • Specific dates to be set for one week in November 2006
As always, for all of these trips we are looking for donated frequent flyer miles. If you have any miles that you would like to contribute, please email Beth Shields at

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