Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sleeping Arrangements While @ Trinity Church

Some folks have been asking about sleeping arrangements while at Trinity Church in Covington, LA. Here's a description from the Evangelical Free Compassion Ministries Katrina Site (Trinity is EVFree):

Teams are housed at Trinity Church in Covington, LA. All facilities are modern with electricity, AC & heat. Trinity Church hosts volunteers on the floor in both the sanctuary and youth room (men and women are separated). Shower facilities are available for men and women with changing areas in both. Subject to space availability, RVs may park in a field adjacent to Trinity Church. Limited electric hook-ups are available.

If you have any other questions about this, please shoot an email to

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Steve said...

I'm a Christ follower at Forcey...

The sanctuary floor (left side) is sleeping quarters for men. ( The sanctuary (right side) is the dining hall. (check out --

The shower facility is a short walk for ladies and really short for men - right outside the church building. I think 4 shower stalls for men and 4 for women (or something like that)... memory only so so from February.

They have added some port-o-potties since the church bathrooms aren't designed for groups our size to stay over... but they do have nice bathrooms inside the church.

Bring earplugs (just in case) for the snoring section - I can confirm that men have a particular symphony.

Reminder - God is great... He took care of us. Trinity is a great host, Compassion Ministry does a great job! You'll love it...

Stephen said...

Thanks Steve!