Thursday, June 29, 2006

KatrinaGrace Team VII

On Sunday 2 July, the KatrinaGrace Team VII will be traveling to Trinity Church in Covington, LA to work with Trinity and Compassion Ministries in Katrina Recovery.

Since the storm, KatrinaGrace has sent down 1 Reconnaisance Team, 2 Supply Teams, 1 Cooking Team, 2 Work Teams, and 1 Pastoral Team. Team VII is a Work Team.

KatrinaGrace Team VII is
  • Eric Heflinger
  • Terry Gallion
  • Jeff Maddock
  • Daniel Rizza
  • Gregory Klassen
  • Jeff Klassen
  • Matt White
  • Robert Flowers - Leader
Please pray for this team that
  • they would have travel safety in flying and driving
  • that they would be safe while they work - some Work Teams are sent to hazardous situations.
  • that they would have a chance to spiritually connect with Katrina survivors
  • that they would get the amount of rest they need in unusual sleeping situations
  • that they would work together well as a team and with Trinity and Compassion Ministries

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