Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The New Face of New Orleans

USA TODAY reported today that

  • "the New Orleans area...became 73% white in the months after the hurricane Aug. 29, up from about 59% before the storm."

  • "The median age increased by about four years, and the median annual income rose from $39,793 to $43,447."

  • "The Louisiana Recovery Authority estimates about 200,000 homes were destroyed."

  • "Katrina and the subsequent breaching of the levee system flooded 80% of New Orleans..."

  • "The city of New Orleans lost about 64% of its residents after the storm, going from 437,000 in July to 158,000 in January, the Census Bureau says.

    New Orleans demographer Greg Rigamer says the city's population has risen to 200,000 since the Census survey. "

  • "Along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where Katrina hit directly and swept away miles of coastal homes, the population has dwindled 17%, from 363,000 to 303,000."

  • "The black population rose from 17% to 28%, while the white population declined from 80% to 71%.

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