Monday, February 05, 2007

Long Story Part 1

Woke Beth Shields this morning to see if she could help me get a flight to New Orleans. Beth, sorry; I owe you one.
Short version of the long story that led to this rude awakening:
Friday (Feb 2): Came home to find the house without running water.
Cursory check of breakers, etc. revealed ... nothing.
So we have no water and we're supposed leave for New Orleans in about 36 hours.
Saturday: Hoping the problem is in the house, we spend all day checking stuff inside. Replace pressure regulator, certain that is the problem. Nope. We replace fuses in power swich, really believing this would fix it. Nope. Rick stops by, checks wires for juice. Juice good. That leaves a problem outside. It could be one of two problems: the pump is broken or there's no water in the well, which is the greater of two catastrophes.
We decide Bonnie will go to New Orleans without me. Tears are shed.
Sunday: I take Bon to BWI at 6. By noon my friend Hutch and I have the pump out of the well. Judging by the length of pipe attached to it, we reckon it was 3 miles down in Guy Measure. Which translates to something like 150 feet in reality (had to be there).
After much scrambling, a few wrong moves, we sink the pump, turn on the switch -- WATER!
(I realize this is probably not something one gets terribly excited about in New Orleans.)
So immediately, I tighten down the filter collar inside the house and snap off the inbound pipe in two places. We race to Home Depot, get the repair material, race back (careful to obey most speed limit postings), do the repair, fire up the pump -- flush the toilets, yay!
Then we go outside to admire our work and notice water spraying up from the well bunker. Rats.
Shut off water. Readjust connector. Turn water back on. No spray. Yay.
Wake up this morning. Check connector. Good. Call Beth (Again, sorry).

Here's the sitch as it stands at this moment:
Team XI is on its way to the worksite as of this writing. I am packing.
Thanks Rick. Thanks Hutch. Thanks Beth. Thanks Jesus.
And Team XI, thanks for all the prayers.

Also, our heart goes out to Dolores and Marv Garlick who couldn't make the trip due to the death of a close friend. Paul Mooty also couldn't make the trip due to work-related issues.

By my count, Team XI is nine workers strong with one on the way.

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