Saturday, February 03, 2007

Please pray for the KatrinaGrace Team XII (Habitat 3) Leaving tomorrow - Sunday 4 February 2007

Hi everyone,

I'd like to request special prayer for Team XII. We've sent down around 100 people on eleven teams to LA and one to Biloxi, MS since the Gulf storms - Katrina and Rita - in the Fall of 2005. We've never had one person cancel their trip after purchasing their tickets.

On Thursday, one of our men pulled out because he had a work emergency. Then yesterday another pulled out for the same reason. This morning we were called by a couple who were planning to leave with the team tomorrow. They had already printed out their boarding passes but said they would not be able to go because of the death of very close family friend.

Then within the last hour, another couple called to let us know that the husband would need to drop out because their 100 year old farm house lost all electricity because of a mechanical failure and he needs to stay to either repair it or hire a contractor.

So we've lost four men on this trip to build a house with Habitat and we now have ten folks leaving tomorrow on this team. (We were able to pick up one person at the last minute).

I don't know if this is coincidence or what, but we are asking that folks would bathe this group in prayer for their trip. Perhaps this Team will have opportunities for especially effective spiritual ministry while they're on the ground in Louisiana. Please pray for

  • their safety,
  • effectiveness,
  • trip logistics, etc.
  • Please pray that all nine would be able to leave tomorrow for the Gulf,
  • and would not be called back home prematurely.


Stephen Shields

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