Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday, Day 3

Pre-breakfast thoughts:
Hope to get some pix up today. All depends on timing and resource availability.
OK, and it depends on rounding up the cameras at the right time and place.
The organizational continuum on which we tred resembles a pile of angel hair pasta: very good, but not something you would want to untangle or trace.

We don't do the Circle meeting this morning. It's straight to the web site. But we do need to remove the stuff from our bedrooms to make way for a service tonight. The space does not return to bedroom status till 9p.m.

On our way to the site, we pick up shims for the door hangers and knee pads for the floor installers. And coffee. The last coffee of the day. Once we're at the worksite, it's Gatorade or water. Which is intereting. I had no idea I could make it through three-quarters of a day without coffee. Hmmmm.

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