Tuesday, September 13, 2005


We had heard from both local and KatrinaZone authorities that they didn't want clothes because of the volume and the time and effort it takes to sort them. A member of the Grace Community, however, has let us know about somewhere where you can drop off clothes that will go to Istrouma Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, LA. WRBS and the Walk the Walk Foundation are teaming up with this church in Operation 2C8. However, they need the clothes in a certain way:

  • sorted into

    • men's
    • women's
    • children's
    • baby's

  • labeled as to size

  • in boxes or bags
They will accept new clothes, of course, and they particularly need shoes.

These clothes can be dropped off at His Way Christian Bookstore in Ellicott City, MD on Rt 40. (see directions here).

There are a number of other drop-off sites in MD as well that may be more convenient for you.

They also are looking for some other items that you can find listed here.

Istrouma Baptist Church is now hosting over 600 evacuees and they also run a Distribution Center for other area Katrina Victims.

image from United States Wounded Soldier Foundation

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