Friday, September 09, 2005

What Others Are Doing

From Beth's sister and her brother-in-law:

Phil and I have decided to head down to Lumberton, Mississippi. I had read about this small town of 2,000 in our local paper. The article stated that these folks were barely surviving and because they are so small that no agency's had been in to help them. Most of the residents of Lumberton are poor and elderly. Well, I just could not get these folks out of my mind. So after some investigation and a lot of prayer we are going down there tomorrow. It is about 650 miles and will take us about 10 hours.

What we need from you is your good thoughts and your prayers. We are renting an SUV, going to Costco and buying the items that the town has requested. I spoke with a gal (Stephanie) from the Town Hall and then to the gentleman who is running 3 shelters, Bennie Smith. Bennie said that it was only 3 days ago that they had any gov. help and that they are truly relying on privately donated goods. He was so appreciative. You see he's feeding 3,000 people each day, an unbelievable task. The kinds of things they need are: canned goods, peanut butter, depends, ensure, boost, t.p., feminine products, Vienna sausages.
He was soooo grateful.

So, off we go tomorrow. Again, think a good thought for us, pray that we find gas, lodging, and that we get these much needed supplies to these dear people.

Thanks and lots of love,
Bon and Phil

There is a possibility they will connect with the Katrina Grace Team in Birmingham tonight before they each depart for their destinations.

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