Friday, September 09, 2005

Covington, LA Update: They're Really Roughing it Now

The Katrinagrace Crew is now near Knoxville, TN.

Turns out that Covington, LA has a curfew of 9 PM and our team's not going to make it by that time. Furthermore, hotel rooms anywhere close to the Katrina-affected areas are understandably very hard to find.

Beth and I spent some time a few weeks ago with Anthony and Yashica Smith in Charlotte, NC visiting Warehouse 242. Yashica, as it turns out, works for Marriott. Beth called Yashica and she scored us some rooms at the

Birmingham, AL Residence Inn!

I think they're going to sleep on floors in their respective rooms to, you know, emulate that "We're Relief Workers" experience. :)

They are about 6 hours from there now and then when they rise bright and early (actually it'll probably be dark and early) they'll have another 6 hours to travel to Covington.

Then our team will unload and get to work sorting and then transporting needed supplies and materials to the Survival Camps that Trinity Church is resourcing.

And, in all seriousness, I just noticed on the map how much seriously affected area they must drive thru to get to Covington, so please pray for safety, for the availability of gas, etc. And please pray that what they are doing will translate into blessings for Katrina Survivors.


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