Monday, September 19, 2005

New Update from Michael Sprague

Dear Friends,

Donna and I just returned from the town next to ours called Slidell. Maybe you have heard it mentioned on the news. We have numbers of people attend Trinity from Slidell. By phone I have interacted with a few who had their homes destroyed. The reports I was receiving were dire. However, it is one thing to hear about the devastation and another thing to see it.

We observed community after community of total loss. Imaging home after home with everything in the home piled into the front yard 8 feet high – beds, baby dolls, chairs, boats and clothes – EVERYTHING in a junk heap. Imagine this continuing mile after mile after mile. Imagine communities with signs at the entrance that read, “Come in and die!”

Donna and I both were left with headaches and feeling sick to our stomachs, totally drained. Think of what these folks are feeling. I saw New Orleans early on with miles and miles of homes underwater and that impacted me. The impact of today’s visual was far worse. I shudder to think what New Orleans will be like when hundreds of thousands of people return and will have to likewise, pitch everything they own, creating mountains of loss and misery. I know our lives do not consist of the things we possess but people are hurting. Please pray.

Now for the good news. Trinity has become a major mobilization center. Teams of workers have come in from about 15 states over the last two weeks and have been deployed to do the “Father’s” work. It is amazing the vibrancy and zeal of these servants. They have come from Evangelical Free churches and a few others. Teams are deployed to deliver food, work with our free store, cut trees, mop black mold out of homes, deliver medical supplies, and consult with hospitals, shelters, local pastors, mayors and community leaders. In the process of letting their light shine, people see the good works and glorify the Father in heaven. In the context of servanthood and love everyone asks, “Who are you?.... Why are you doing this?” The answer is the “Love of the Lord.”

A couple of stories may help you to see. For months, one man has been prayed for and has always resisted the Lord because of his involvement with the occult. He talks to ghosts. This man had a tremendous need at his home since 150 trees had fallen on his property. Our teams cut them up and helped him clean up. For the first time he allowed people to pray over him and was so emotionally moved he couldn’t talk the whole afternoon. A door is open and it was a privilege to serve him.

Another 78 year old man had to be rescued off of his rooftop from the flood waters. After a few days he returned to his home distraught and hardened. Our team helped him, showed love and he bowed his head and trusted Christ as his savior. Yea God!

The church is being the church. Opportunities are endless. One by one people are being met and helped in the name of the Lord. God is bringing beauty out of ashes. Praise His name.

Betting the farm on God,


p.s. Pray for our 10:00 am Sunday service and 11:30 a.m. lunch together as a church family. Some of our people are just returning to town and everyone needs the healing touch of the Lord. Pray for many displaced people and neighborhood people who will join us for the first time.

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