Sunday, September 11, 2005

What can the Grace Community do to Help Katrina Victims?

  • Volunteer to travel in a group from Grace to Trinity Church in Covington, LA. We anticipate future trips to this region to assist the Trinity Church community as they resource area Katrina Evacuee Camps. One primary goal of the team that left Friday 9 September to visit Covington was to triage the situation and establish contacts for future trips. If you're interested, please email the Katrina Grace Team.

  • Volunteer to help Katrina Evacuees currently at the DC Armory. You can do this online here. And please let us know if you do this.

  • Open your home to a Katrina Survivor. The American Red Cross of Central Maryland is directing those interested in doing this to where they can register their home online. We'd also appreciate if you'd send us a note that you're exploring this. You can also advise the DC Govt that you're interested in housing one or more of the folks currently at the DC Armory by clicking here.

  • Bring toiletries and other items to Grace Community Church. This is what we're told the DC Katrina Evacuees now need. The Katrina Grace Team will arrange for them to be taken to one of the DC Firehouses which have been designated a drop off point for these donations. Specifically, these folks need:

    • toothpaste
    • toothbrushes
    • deodorant
    • lotion
    • shampoo
    • razors
    • shaving cream
    • hairbrushes
    • combs
    • hair oil
    • Q-tips
    • toilet paper
    • dental floss
    • backpacks
    • duffel bags
    • watches
    • battery powered radios
    • baby supplies

      Authorities are specifically asking area residents not to denote clothes. Broadcast reports indicate that these are already being warehoused and that some will simply be sold to generate funds.

  • Give $ to Grace Community Church designated for "Katrina Grace." This money will be used to fund future trips to Covington, LA, possibly other affected areas, and perhaps will also support some local efforts to aid Katrina Survivors.

  • Donate your Frequent Flyer Miles for people to use when flying to the affected areas. If you'd like to do this, please email us.

  • Take advantage of other local volunteer opportunities through the sites listed under Locak Katrina Volunteer Opportunities listed on this page.

  • Give $ online to other legitimate agencies providing direct aid to Katrina Victims such as The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.

  • Whatever you decide to do - of if you'd like some help or wish to do it with others - please let us know by sending us an email!

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