Wednesday, September 14, 2005

KatrinaZone Team II

UPDATE: There no more seats available for KatrinaZone Team II headed down to LA this weekend.

If you'd like to see the Team off and/or help them load, you can come to Grace on Thursday 15 September at 6 PM.

However, if you still wish to go in a vehicle you or someone you know can bring, email Beth. However, every vehicle needs at least 2 drivers and optimally three to kamikaze drive straight through all over 1000 miles to LA. It is a difficult and taxing trip. Moreover, you need to know that conditions on the ground there rapidly change.

We still very much need supplies however. See the post below for details.

Please pray for our Team's safety and that God would use them to bless the Katrina Survivors and those working to assist them on the ground now.

image from freefoto

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