Monday, September 12, 2005

Michael Sprague Update #5


My life is being taken through an amazing turn of events. I have worked for months on a major strategic planning initiative. After months of planning, meetings, tweaking and messaging. Finally a couple of weeks ago it was unanimously approved by our leadership. A week ago God decided to blow up my plan with a hurricane named Katrina.

I think He laughed at my plan and said “I can to better.” I think He will get more accomplished by His plan. I believe He wants to accomplish great and mighty things through the road of messiness. I believe He finally has our attention in fact maybe even the nations. I choose to join His plan. Even though I don’t know the future I know the one who holds the future.

In the middle of this crisis, it is evident that everyone everywhere needs the Lord. When we fail to humble ourselves before Him or depend on His strength, He must laugh. He sure has my attention. How about you? If you don’t know Christ, trust in the one who died for you sins and rose from the dead. God loved you so much he gave his only son. If you believe in Him you will be saved, secure and full of peace with God. Stop and call on His name and He will save you. Guaranteed!

If you made a strategic life plan like me and realize God has a different path for you. Turn around. Get off the old path and on to the new. Take the “Father first” path. Voice the words not my will but thine be done. This path maybe a little scary and wild but it will be the ride of a life time. I’m finding that out. Yea God!


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