Saturday, September 10, 2005

Katrina Grace Covington Team Update - 4 PM

Just received a call from Beth and our Covington Team is very busy.

The Grace Katrina Covington Team dropped off everything at the very organized warehouse the folks have established there and then began taking loads to various other locations in the affected areas that had very specific resource.

Covington is due North of Lake Pontchartrain (just by New Orleans). When Beth called she was driving a load to Slidell Baptist Church to drop off some needed supplies. Slidell is on the east side of the Lake, closer to New Orleans, and has a lot of Katrina damage. The Church needed everything.

Bill Brettschneider brought a load, including cots that were donated here, to Pineville Middle School which has been set up as a shelter. Rob Poler also made a delivery to another location.

One of the team, Ed Smith, was able to connect with his brother who actually lives in this area and sustained significant damage on his property. They are working together today to clean up there.

While there, Beth met or learned of one couple who came down from Michigan to help with a 5th Wheel are giving it to another couple with three children to live in because they lost their home.

The folks in Covington are interested in the possibility of our returning in mid-October. We are going to explore that with them after the group returns. We'd like to take a larger team down for a longer period of time and explore flying rather than driving. Our group drove 1088 miles yesterday and today to reach Covington!.

The folks down there have been very appreciative of our Team's efforts.

The group will be staying this evening at the home of Kathy and Jeff Boren. They plan to leave tomorrow around 10 AM Central and drive to Roanoke, VA. They'll spend the night in Roanoke and then make their way back here on Monday. Beth has been taking pictures and we'll post a link to them here.

I'll post more updates as I receive them.

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