Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September 1st EMail from Mike Sprague - Pastor of Trinity Church - Covington, LA


The reports of devastation continue to intensify. We talk to people with
missing spouses, brothers and children. People are confused, shell-shocked,
and perplexed. It is so hard to get information. The reports suggest that
life will not be the same for months and the truth is probably that it will
never be the same.

Donna and I plan on returning to Mandeville/Covington tomorrow to be part of
the solution. We are told one in 20 trees are down in our area and that
Slidell looks like it has been through a nuclear explosion. Much ministry
awaits in physical and spiritual needs.

We are reminded in this that life does not consist in the things in which we
possess. Jesus is our life and sufficiency. We are "betting the farm on
God." The Old Testament illustrates that God does some of His best among
refugees and He is always faithful. My prayer is that this season will see
the church being at its best - serving, loving, caring and pointing people
to a deliverer.

Betting the farm on God,
Michael Sprague
Trinity Church

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