Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita - Katrina Emergency Prayer Meeting TONIGHT

At 2 p.m. ET, Rita was centered about 190 miles (305 kilometers) southeast of Galveston, Texas, and 175 miles (281 kilometers) southeast of Port Arthur. It was moving to the northwest at about 10 mph (16 kph).

The storm's maximum sustained winds weakened slightly to 125 mph (201 kph), making it a Category 3 storm.

"We still think that the storm will make landfall on the upper Texas coast, potentially as far east as southwestern, Louisiana," said Ed Rappaport, deputy director of the National Hurricane Center.

But he said that the storm could still shift south toward the Galveston/Houston area.

Everyone is invited to meet with us at 7 PM TONIGHT in Room 100 at Grace Community Church to pray about the Katrina and Rita situations.

image from noaa

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